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911 Video – Remembering What We Saw

This home video of the 9/11 terror attack on the World Trade Center was filmed from a 36th floor apartment very close to the North Tower. It’s a view of 911 that you may not have seen and one that you should.

The events of 9/11 are familiar to everyone. Perhaps so much so that over time many have become desensitized to the actual events of that day. To me, what is absolutely chilling, is how the video captures the personal experience of the couple shooting the video. It is their comments, telephone calls, shock and anguish that brings back a flood of emotions from that day. It was released on the 5th anniversary of 9/11.


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  • this is probably the most moving video i have ever saw, Everyone should see this every time the memory of 9-11 starts to fade a little. i think it was a good move to let everyone see this. thanks for sharing this with us. i remember what i felt that day, the anger and the fear. i imagine my parents felt a similar emotion on december 7, 1941. now i know what they felt seeing the Arizona in all the smoke and flames.

  • Sept 11, 2001 is the present day Dec 7, 1941.

    “NEVER FORGET”, they who gave the ultimate are Americans, maybe all not citizens, but they are Americans in every sense of the word.

    The world practiced appeasement at the beginning of WWII, look where it got the world then…

    Forget appeasement, “Damn the torpedos…full speed ahead”, hunt and eliminate the SOBs…

    Remember 9-11, GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • You better be careful on who you vote for President in Nov. or you will see this again, over and over.
    Think about it.. then vote.

  • thank you for shareing….I was on duty in cal. on 911 and watched the second plane (my neice was supposed to be working on)hit, that second i knew clinton had failed and we were at war.

  • There is an exceptional documentary by ABC called the path to 911. The scenes the Clintons forced to be removed on a now available edition where put back in. EVERY student past grade 8 should see this 3 disc excellent and accurate documentary so we can laugh the conspiracists back to whatever slimy hole they crawled out of

  • Please keep this video on. We can’t afford to forget this horrible day.

  • Funny how we are so quick to forget. Now Obama is concerened what the rest of the world thinks about us? Our world image? I’m sure if we just talk to the terrorist they will leave us alone. We will all have a coke and a smile and hold hands…. GROW UP and take a look around. WHy are we considered to be the bad guys? I would rather have the would somewhat fear us. Amazing how the fear can keep some in check. Growing up as a child,my parents would spank my behind if I tried to play in the street or stick a finger in a outlet. I feared the punishment that would occur if I tried to do something that would have harmed me. I did FEAR the punishment if I did something that I was not in my best intrest(and yes I grew up respecting my parents). Maybe if we put the terrorist in timeout everything will be better. I do NOT understand how liberals think!!!
    The picture of those towers should be in ALL government buildings and offices ( plus all of the media) so that we will NEVER forget.

  • Every time I see some person with a “No war for oil” bumper sticker it makes me want to drag them by the ear to the front lines to see what is going on in the real world and then drag them to the grave yard and tell each of the nearly 3,000 headstones and tributes for the victims of 911 and tell them that they do not matter. These liberals are fighting the people keeping them free. Already information from informants and intelligence from Iraq has thwarted other 911 style attacks around the world.

  • As an American and a New Yorker, I will never forget this and I will never stop being angry over this cowardly act. Do nothing bill clinton, allowed one attack after another, each time saying, “we will never rest until we catch them” What a joke.

    Stand for something or fall for anything.


  • Well girls and boys, we almost have a new President.

    What will be his priorities regarding our security? Will he just hug Hamas, Al Qaida, or anybody else who thinks we are bad? Remember how a hug from Mommy made you feel all warm and cuddly?

    No more guns for the military, just training manuals on correct hugging procedures…

    GOD help us, and hopefully protect us. Remember we did this to ourselves in Nov-2008.


  • I am Proud to be one of America’s Finest.I have been in the Fire and EMS field for twenty years and am grateful for the brotherhood that has become overwhelming since 9/11. We must all never forget the lives lost and saved that day. The saying “Proud To Be An Americian” has never meant so much as it does today!! I hope all continue to support those of us that do our work dailey in the Emergecy service field wether paid or volunteer.

  • A most sobering video. A reminder of the depths that man’s cruelty to man can sink to. People need to know the truth about religions that invoke and inspire such hatred. I feel sorry for you America. The God whom you have forsaken for the devil’s own stooge, cannot help you now. You have tied His hands. He will not force you to believe in Him. But if you turn back to Him, He will return to you.(Zechariah 1:2)

  • NEVER FORGET!!!! Never!! I’m so very proud to be American! God bless America!!

  • Also….THANK YOU FDNY,NYPD and all the people of New York City who put there life in danger to help others on 9/11. God Bless each and everyone of you.

  • To everyone who sees this,it should be a reminder of just how
    close we are to the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    911 will look small compaired to the tribulation coming to this
    world. We are living in a time when mens hearts will fail them from
    the fear and heartake of things to come. Read Matt.24

    Give your life to the LORD now before its to late!

    If your left here after the rapture of all true christians,and you
    heard the gospel and rejected it,you will not have another chance to give your life to the LORD. Read LUKE 21

    JESUS said, know this, that in the last days perlous times will come. Well I think there here don’t YOU !!!!

  • We will never forget! Keep the faith en strenght for terrorism wil be exterminated

  • Wow. No matter how many years pass, this will be a rememberance for all. Having grown up in Bergan County, NJ, I am so proud to have seen so many FD from my old county volunteering their help, their love, their willingnwaa to help other Americans. I got to see some of the NYPD and NYFD in a boxing exhibiyion in Del Mar, CA in summer of 2008, I felt such pride in being raised in an area close to NYC. They have so much comraderie, such bravado, so much love for their brothers who serve so proudly to protect us. I was truly humbeld to be there and see them, these men, who might have been in stations in NYC that lost their brothers and would scarifice their own lives for any one. God bless this country and all who serve, prtect and defend their country and all persons living in this country.

  • We are living in a time when our children’s children will judge how we reacted to this horrific, deliberate attack on our soil. I believe that when they look back, they will agree that our response was not at all severe enough, and we will be tasked to engage these radicals for a substantial period well beyond what the current political idiots will propose. God Bless our Military men and women, and our first responders, police and firefighters, and God Bless the United States of America.

  • As a member of the military, this is a needed reminder that we as a free country have to stand up to all bullies and cowards in the world and fight for our right to exist. Our children deserve a future. That is why I fight for our country.

  • Well folks the hugging has begun.

    Doesn’t it feel good to NOW love those who did this to you and me.

    Hey I got an idea, lets “Bail them out, then they won’t need to steal the planes, they can buy what they need”…


    GOD BLESS AMERICA, and our military

  • its funny if you think about it how 9-11 is when the wtc was hit and how 9-11 can stand for 911!

  • And the fact that a U.S. emergency code was the basis of this attack. Do you think a bunch of Arab extremists are this clever, or wouldn’t have their own “holyday” in order to use for such an attack?


    I don’t know, I’m no kid, but some of these kids seem a lot more on the ball, than all those media pundits, and governmental spin doctors.

  • The events of 911 will never be forgoten. We need to continue to be vigilant as we are still at war. God Bless America !

  • Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

  • Well, it’s 10:36 a.m. here in Arizona 9/11/2010 sitting here watching videos of what happened 9 years ago ( I was watching the morning news when the breaking news came on to show the World Trade Center being attacked) that was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever witnessed. I’m so afraid that if we don’t get turned around in Nov 2010 that what happened then is just a precursor of what is to come. Missesota has already been duped into thinking that Islam law is the way to go, get involved,watch some of the videos of examples of what happens to those that are ruled by it. Alreafy some 700 citizens of the USA have renounced their citizenship and fled the country they so loved to stay alive, PLEASE let’s all get it together & stop this insanity before it happens to all of us.Beheadings, stonings, hangings, and the rest . God Bless the USA.

  • I totally agree with Stephanie H. Please keep this video available for every anniversary of this horrific invasion of our country. We must NEVER forget.

  • I went to ground zero on 9/11/10. Lost a family member. The day was very sad and very moving. We can’t forget what those crazy irrational Muslims deliberately did to the United States. I so firmly believe that the mosque should not be built so close to the grave site where 3,000 people died. Let them go somewhere else, don’t push it down out throats in the name of healing, peace and freedom of religion. It’s too close and it’s still to raw. The mosque does not belong there.

  • This brought it all back – can’t stop crying as if it were 9/11/01 all over again. What a film! Everyone needs to see this and maybe they’ll remember what our brave young men & women are fighting for. I’m so proud to be an American and so proud of our troops. God bless America.


  • Everyone should be required to see this video. It broke my heart. I was at work watching the TV when everything happened in ’01, and this video with the reactions of the people recording it echo what I remember all of us saying on that day. My kids were young at the time and I’ve forwarded this to them so they can see, remember, and learn. Thank you so much for posting this very important video.

  • Very moving, very emotional event – and the raw emotion exhibited in the background echos what I felt that day. Omg over and over. Thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you to all the police,port authority, and fire fighters who risked thier lives that day…and a prayer to the families who lost loved ones on that sad day in our history…god bless

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