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Alert For Americans In Europe Considered By US As Terror Concerns Heightened

News reports indicate  US officials are considering issuing an alert to Americans in Europe to avoid public places.

This comes on the heels of  reports earlier this week that terrorists may be planning to mount a Mumbai-style attack on Westerners in European cities.

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  • When and where? We want to be ready. Otherwise there is no point for such announcement.

  • An alert just for Americans in Europe?
    Are you kidding me? What about anyone else in Europe, I am pretty sure there not just going to go around attacking solely Americans who are found anywhere in Europe.
    How about an alert for everybody?

  • Just visited Normandy and the sites where Americans, young ones, gave their lives for freedom in Europe. Don’t miss it now or ever – Americans should travel fearless today and tomorrow and always. If not for ourselves now, for those who have gone before.

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