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Box Cutter Blades Found on Flight To PDX From Tokyo

Authorities say a Delta Air Lines flight from Tokyo to Oregon was searched upon landing after its crew found box cutter blades aboard.

Delta spokeswoman Susan Elliott said the crew of Delta Flight 90 requested that authorities meet the aircraft upon arrival at Portland International Airport after the blades were found in the plane’s cabin while en route to Oregon.

Elliott said the flight arrived without incident this morning.

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From Oregon Live

The FBI opened a criminal investigation today into the alarming discovery of box-cutter blades aboard a Portland-bound airliner.

The crew of Delta Airlines Flight 90 alerted authorities they had found the blades in the cabin of the Boeing 767.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the crew of Flight No. 90 opted to contact authorities and request they meet the aircraft upon arrival as a result of some box cutter blades found on board while the aircraft was en route from Tokyo-Narita International Airport to Portland,” Delta spokeswoman Susan Chana Elliott said in a statement.

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