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Discovery Channels Dual Survival Premieres Friday

Discovery Channel’s new survival show, Dual Survival, premieres this Friday.

Experts agree there are some very basic and universal rules for surviving in the wild. Find shelter, find water, find food, find help. Beyond that, there’s not much they agree on. Meet military trained Dave Canterbury and naturalist Cody Lundin — trained survival experts who have very different methods of meeting survival challenges.

Together, with their drastically different backgrounds, the pair are dropped into scenarios that could happen to anyone: marooned sailors, lost hikers, trapped divers and stranded mountain climbers. Equipped with minimal gear that would have been carried in the real-life situations, Cody and Dave must draw upon their arsenal of skills to devise extraordinary ways to use what they can find in their surroundings to demonstrate what it takes to stay alive.

First Episode – SHIPWRECKED
In this survival scenario, hosts Cody and Dave find themselves on a deserted island off the coast of Nova Scotia — in the dead of winter with plummeting temperatures. Despite the freezing temperatures — and his partner’s objections — Cody doesn’t give in on his indigenous survival strategy, where he lives his life barefoot. Here, he’s only wearing shorts and wool socks. The only items they have are those they’re able to salvage from the life raft they used to reach the island: an emergency Mylar blanket, a plastic tarp, two knives and a single rescue flare. They must use these items and their arsenal of skills to find shelter, build a fire and find food and water, all in sub-zero conditions.


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