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How To Survive A Home Invasion – Report Delayed

I had hoped to post a special report on how to survive a home invasion today; however as I began to compile the research and I received your emails, questions and suggestions, the scope quickly grew beyond what I had anticipated. As a result, the post will be delayed for 1 week as we gather additional input and information. This is an important subject and I want to take the time needed to present you with the best strategies, ideas and tools available.

I apologize for the delay, however I believe that it will be worth the wait.

Thank you.

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  • Get a personal protection dog this will give you the extra precious seconds to defend your self also firearms training helps!

  • The most obvious thing you should have, is a gun. owning a firearm in your home, or on you is the best way to protect. You will be safe from home invasion, gang attacks, or robbery.

    Don’t let government take away your weapons, you are only free if you can defend yourself freely.

    V for Victory

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