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  • this reminds me of a bomb threat we had in high school turned out some jerk thought it would be fun to get all his buddies out of class for the day.

  • It’s time that people start taking these threats serious.
    This is not a game, this is a real threat. They are
    threating Americans in the most cruel way, through our
    children. But we don’t have to sit back and let this
    happen, there are things we can do. We need to
    educate ourselves, to protect our children. Remember
    Beslan, 300 people were massacred there, including
    170 children. Don’t let these people hold us hostage,
    it’s time to fight back.

  • Maybe it’s time we build a “fence” (as in The Great Wall of China), close down the mosques, and evict from our country these Satan worshippers. Why are we putting up with these America haters? Whatever Ahmadinejad said, just know that their Koran encourages them to lie to non-Muslims. They are REQUIRED to lie to non-Muslims for the sake of Allah.
    And don’t forget that it isn’t really a religion: it is a totalitarian ideology totally incompatible with Western Democracy. Totalitarian mean they rule over every aspect of your life: how you dress, what you say, what your religion is, what you can own, what you can do (See Sharia Law). And of course, they will take guns away from everyone so that they alone have the power. We’ll all just be a bunch of Dhimmis.

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