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Man With Electrical Circuits In Shoes Detained at Karachi Airport

UPDATE: Karachi Airport scare may have been massage therapy shoes.

Two electrical circuits connected to battery cells were found in the shoes of a passenger at the Karachi Airport on Sunday evening.

The bearded man who was to board a Muscat-bound flight (TG-507) of Thai Airways was detained.

It was a scanning machine which alerted the security personnel about the presence of suspicious material in the passenger’s shoes, said an official.

Upon close examination it was revealed that electrical circuits were hidden in the heels of the shoes. “Both the circuits were complete and they could have worked as a detonator if attached to explosive material,” the official told Dawn on the condition of anonymity.

Each circuit was attached to two battery cells and a small switch, he added. The suspect, a diploma holder in civil engineering, is thought to be a resident of New Karachi.

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