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Obama Ties Flight 253 Attack to al Qaeda in Yemen

Saturday, President Obama stated for the very first time that a part of Al Qaeda centered in Yemen had been behind the failed bombing of Nortwest Airlines flight 253 on Christmas Day, and he promised that the people behind the attempted attack “will be held to account.”

President Obama’s speech was recorded from Hawaii, where his 10-day vacation is coming to an end. This particular speech is the third time he had openly discussed the failed attack on Northwest Flight 253 headed for Detroit on Christmas Day. Obama mentioned that he had gotten initial reports, but offered no other information about how a man from Nigeria with known significant opinions was permitted to get on board a U.S.-bound plane hiding explosives in his underwear.

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  • Another example of Obama’s tremendous grasp of the obvious.
    The “pantie bomber” told us that he was trained by Alkieda when he was caught.
    And it only took Obama a WEEK to admit it!
    If they cannot stop this guy, knowing what they knew about him. Then they can’t catch anyone.
    If it had been their families on that flight, they wouldn’t be making excuses for their failure, heads would be rolling.
    Our country is being run by stumble bums and we are going to be the victims.
    America enjoy YOUR new president.

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