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Plane Diverted to Rochester for Suspicious Package

A Northwest passenger plane has been diverted to Rochester International Airport becuase of a suspicious package.

The plane that took off from Detroit en route to Portland, Maine landed in Rochester at 10:38 Friday night. It was kept far away from the terminals, as a precaution as bomb sqaud personnel searched the aircraft.
Airport officials say a stewardess noticed suspicious activity in one of the planes bathrooms. She then found a suspicious package inside and alerted pilots.

The bomb squad determined the package is not explosive. They removed it from the aircraft.
No one was injured and all 46 passengers and 3 crew members were evacuated safely.
The FBI, TSA, and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office are continuing their investigation.
The airport’s manager hopes to have passenger and crew back on board later this morning.

Hat Tip – MC at Global Incident Map

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