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Blogger on cartel beheading – Cannot kill us all

Another blogger has been decapitated, purportedly in retaliation for postings about drug cartels, prompting users of social network sites to unite in their stance against the gangs.

The gruesome slaying on Wednesday is believed to be the fourth since early September in which a drug cartel killed people in Nuevo Laredo for what they said online.

“I’m Rascatripas and this happened to me for failing to understand that I should not report things on social media websites. I am a ….. (text covered by body) just like La Nena from Laredo… With this last report I bid farewell to Nuevo Laredo en Vivo.. Always remem… Never For… Your moderator, RASCATRIPAS,” said a placard left with the man’s body at a busy intersection in Nuevo Laredo, according to Borderland Beat. The body was found at the city’s Christopher Columbus monument, the site reported.

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