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Dirty Bomb Threat from al Qaeda Still A Real Threat

The threat of a dirty bomb attack has been a major concern for US intelligence and law enforcement officials for sometime now and although such an attack has not taken place inside the US, it should in no way imply that terrorists have ceased planning such an event.

The Wall St. Journal backs this up with a report.

Denying terrorists access to radiological materials that can be used in a dirty bomb attack—one that could bring our economy to a standstill and render areas uninhabitable for decades—is a major security challenge.

Should a dirty bomb or multiple dirty bombs be detonated in any American city, port complex, airport or train station, the result could be loss of life and widespread panic.

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  • Well, if a dirty bomb does “happen” that renders an area uninhabitable for 10 years, I certainly hope than a reciprocal incident “happens” in the area where the planning, aiding, and abetting of the bomb took place!


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