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Glenn Beck: The Perfect Day – Are Terrorists Planning An American Beslan?

This week, Glenn Beck is running a series on CNN called “The Perfect Day” and he’s talking about it on his radio show. Anyone who is truly concerned for the safety of this country and it’s children needs to watch and listen.

So what is “The Perfect Day”

It’s the day that Americans are killed on an unprecedented scale. It’s the day that no one, not even our children sitting in their classrooms at school, are safe. It’s the day that seemingly isolated incidents all converge into the greatest threat this country has ever experienced or imagined. It’s the day that the Islamist jihad against the West begins in earnest. It’s “The Perfect Day” – and it’s only perfect if you’re a terrorist.

Glenn Beck is focusing on one part of The Perfect Day theory: the threat of massive, coordinated attacks against our schools and school buses. Last night on television, Lt. Col. Joe Ruffini, a counterterrorism expert, told us about some of the evidence and suspicious incidents that have occurred recently – both overseas and right here in America.

Glenn Beck is right on the money: America must acknowledge, prepare for, and, most importantly, work together to prevent Al Qaeda attacks against our schools. – Lieutenant Colonel Joe Ruffini, U.S. Army (Ret)

Former FBI Special Agent Don Clark lent his credibility and experience to the threat and helped explain the fine line that government officials must walk between panic and preparation.

Terrorists don’t just target big buildings, airports, refineries or ship channels. They also target something very near and dear to our hearts and souls: our children.

Most of us understand that terrorists’ primary objective is to instill fear in each and every one of us. Fear makes everything else possible. What better way to achieve that goal than to attack our schools and murder our children?

A plot that shocking would, without question, strike fear into all of our hearts. No one, from the farmer in Wisconsin to the banker in Manhattan would feel safe anymore. – By Fmr. FBI Special Agent Don Clark

Tonight Beck showed what happened during the Beslan school siege with John Giduck, author of Terror at Beslan and Brad Thor, author of The First Commandment.

The most horrific aspect of all of this, is that the same or worse could happen here and very little is being done to raise awareness of the threat. Several pieces of evidence point to the possibility that a plan for “The Perfect Day” is not only real but is much closer than we would like to think.

Bits of evidence are popping up in newspapers across the country but few people are connecting the dots.

Evidence including:

  • Internet Chatter
  • Training Videos Confiscated In Terrorist Raids In Iraq and Afghanistan
  • 17 Missing School Buses in Houston
  • Stolen School Radios In The Northwest
  • Information provided by detainees at Guantanamo
  • Arrests In Florida of 2 Middle Eastern Men Who Boarded A Public School Bus
  • Reports of individuals survailing schools from various locations around the county.

So What can you do?
Watch the program…and tell others.

Tonights segment is on CNN at 7:00pm and you can listen to Glenn’s Radio Show from 9:00am -12:00 noon.

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  • Revelation 13:11 states;

    And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

    Islam, a two “horned” beast. Shiite and Sunni birthed from the seed of Ishmael by Hagar and through Esau. It seeks to “devour” the world, just as Daniel 7:23 claims.

    Islam seeks to destroy all that are of the seed from Abraham embodied in the bloodline of Jacob (Israel).

    Islam takes it’s orders from the first beast in the sea, Satan. Isaiah 27:1, Rev. 13:1.

    This is no joke folks. Pay close attention to this Islamic beast, it seeks to devour all that oppose it, unless of course, you are fool enough to take it’s “mark.”

    In Christ Jesus,


  • The reality is that this would be the equivalent of a nuclear attack on a large city; the equivalent to the so called American Hiroshima. Attacking America’s children would not drive Americans into fear; it would create an unquenchable thirst for putting a stop to the madness that exists in the middle east and other Muslim countries. The result of an Islamic attack against our children would cause Americans to demand massive retaliation by wiping out the governments and military of most (if not all) Muslim countries. We would demand our government secure the borders and require all non-Americans with any problem potential be sent home.

    The idea that Americans are going to run and hide in fear is absolutely preposterous. Our response would be the annihilation of the machine that creates radical Muslims. So for those Muslims dancing in the streets after 9/11, and when polled (68% according to Zogby) say they would like to see Israel and the U.S. destroyed, think twice, who has the power to destroy completely, and who has the power just to annoy (like a mosquito).

    A lot of Muslims talk big (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), but just what can they do, really? Iran can look next door to see what they might look like in a couple of years. The destruction of Iraq, the U.S. did in a few days. And while the rest of the world thinks the U.S. a failure, the reality is, the U.S. is just maintaining Iraq until it gets its collective rear ends together.

  • Vigillance is needed more than ever, we should not nor ever count on the Federal or local governments, especially in majority fruit bat areas of extremist liberalism like San Fran Freako, Seattle or Boston to protect our children.

    The armed citizenry should be prepaired, trained and well practiced to respond swiftly to any threat to our children. We should not stand meakly by like the Russians did at Beslan, our response must be swift, violent and without mercy towards any Islamic fanatic.

    The only way to prevent the Islamo-monkies from carrying out their desires for murder is through committed national vigilance.

  • Dave you hit t right on the nose. Mess with the children and all life ends for these terrorist and terrorist countries. I am 43 and I will personally sign up to kick some whopass. As far as Iran, your next. You will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. Never.

  • I think there will be two camps if this happens. The first will hide an yell at the Gov’t to do something. The second will stand up and do something about it.
    Be prepared, get ready for the next attack. It may be today, tomorrow, next month or next year. And it will come.

  • The first thing the governmental spokesman will say is “There is no creditable information showing this is terrorist related”

  • They will never just harm our children because the retailation would be so great they would be in the midst of a great problem. No, I think when they make their move it will be a very very big one. It will be something so devastating that their hopes will be that we won’t recoup from it very easily. They aren’t in this to play. They want us destroyed and their god Allah backs them into doing just that

  • I saw an expert quoted who said that the Muslim terrorists WANT to ignite our hatred against them. They WANT us to go insane and kill Muslims. They don’t CARE about this world– they want victory in the next world, and this world is their battleground. One of them said as much in the OBL tape that was released earlier this week. This is their goal… because it will ignite the holy war they have been craving. Attacking kids would be the way to do that.

  • Tamara, you are correct.
    Denise, you are foolishly mistaken.
    After you’re done watching glenn beck (who I agree with more than disagree) get the book, “Terror at Beslan”, written by john giduck, the world’s authority on what happened there.
    Denise, you won’t sleep for weeks after reading that book.
    They are going to do this, and parents, teach your children to flee the school when it happens.
    do NOT listen to the teachers or wait for instructions from the terrorists. As soon as they hear the sounds of gunfire and screaming, teach them to flee the building as fast as they can. They are going to be killed anyways, let them die trying to escape, its their only hope.
    If you think that is insane , then you need to read that book, and put your children in place of those poor Russian children.
    The takeovers will not be about negotiations, or the war in Iraq, or any such nonsense. It is about killing, raping, and torturing american children.
    Know that parents. Know and understand that, as you kiss your children off to school.

    I am a parent ot three gradeschool aged kids, not a flippant bystander.
    Learn, people, who are enemies are, how they think, why they do what they do.

  • Whoever said that the first thing the news and government always predictably says is (even before anyone even knows a thing) “This is not related to terrorism”… well, they’re absolutely correct in their assessment. And that is madness.
    We continue to deny, look the other way, and speak about being “sensitive”. All this AFTER 9-11, the 1st World Trade Cntr bombing attempt, all the stopped plots, Scottish airport, Spain, London, and I can go on and on and on… What the hell does it take to start understanding that THEY are NOT going to stop? What does it take? Only fools and idiots believe this kind of jihad can be appeased. If you think so, you don’t know your history… and you don’t understand what is REALLY happening. Your ignorance will kill you.

  • Bryan, you’re right. And you can pretty much see how the lines are being drawn now… and that’s human nature I suppose. There are those that lead and take personal responsibility. And there are those that can only complain, whimper, cower, and sell out those that want to stand up… and they do it under the guise of appeasement and “sensitivity”. Well, for those fearful cowardly do-gooder people, I say you better get fitted for your burkas and your turbans.. . and you better start hiding your Bibles. Your days of freedom are growing short…

  • Admiral Yamamoto attended Harvard and was a great admirer of President Lincoln. When he learned the strike at Pearl missed the carriers he said,

    “I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill it with a terrible resolve.”

    Respectfully to all who disagree, the governing principle in self-defense is “self”. Carry what you can safely use in defense of your life. If you leave it to others, fine, but you cannot complain when legally concealed weapons are allowed in class rooms.

    Five thousand years of Eastern history show all weapons, all processes become obsolete, and the weapons we have today will be the pocket knife of 2100. Regulating weapons in an effort to stop fatal attack crimes ending in suicide (FACES) is a bit like having a seat belt you never wear.

    Chinese Emperor Huang Di routed his enemies with attacks in dense fog, enhancing confusion because he had a primitive compass– cork with a needle floating on water, he had a magnetic compass to navigate. You can get a decent compass out of a gumball machine. Nuclear weapons will be popular strategic weapons as long as they are owned by strategists. My point is the knowledge of magnetic north to the emperor was top secret– information is perishable. Being pragmatic about our children and school safety is a cultural problem we must admit and address. If your child does not know who the enemy is, and what he is intending, then you are raising a victim. It is only a matter of time.

    We can only stop FACES with immediately available deadly force used without hesitation. So while you worry about lead poisoning from paint on toys, first worry about 158 grains of lead projectile hitting your child in a shooting.

    Create a class reactionary response drill. 35 College students working in coordination could disarm a group of shooters. Lead, Follow or Stand Aside.

  • I’m a little bit amazed at how much people are willing to take the terrorism fight into their own hands. This is dangerous. We must lay our faith in the government, because anything that we do singularly against the threats facing our country are certain to end in unnecessary evil being perpetrated against the innocent. What exactly do you plan to do when our children are attacked? Are you going to go bust some brown person’s knees in for killing our children? Do you have no understanding of how the American judicial system works? It wasn’t invented for Americans to use, and not anyone else. America is a shining beacon of hope on a planet of cruel leadership. The fact that we give terrorists fair trials here in the states isn’t because we’re weak and politically correct, but because we are so much better than the people that instigate beheadings against women and children.

    Any attacks on Arabs that are simply suspected of terrorism is just as much a crime as years ago when people suspected black people of crimes, and then took matters into their own hands, as you’re suggesting above, and now we have an entire month to raise awareness so this doesn’t happen.

    I firmly believe in vigilance and defense in the case of an imminent or occurring attack. It is important to know what is self and national defense and what is a crime. I’m not saying that if your bus is hijacked you say “Well, they’re Arabs and that nice young man online told me not to commit hate crimes.” No, I’m not saying this at all. I’m saying when you see that Arab walking down the street, you may think it, but remind yourself he’s just another dude walking to work or the store or home just like you.

    Peace, brothers and sisters.

  • Bottom line here gang is this. Keep your eyes & ears open, these scumbags are among us now! Make it as hard as possible to launch any kind of attack. It’s better to be wrong & report ANY activity that looks suspicious, apologize if we are mistaken than do nothing. We all know another attack is coming, don’t ignore all the warning signs. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. This war is going to go on for a long time, be prepared.

  • hey tom, you’ll thank guys like me when its over.
    maybe you’ll lay flowers on my grave, but thats ok too.
    The first victory in the “war on terror” was a plane being driven into a field in Pa, instead of into the white house.
    People, when we only have pocket knives, use pocket knives.
    Right now, we as law abiding citizens, have access to legally purchased firearms.
    Go and get some, and get some ammo, lots of ammo. A gun is pretty much an akward, expensive club without ammo.

    the bad guys have guns. Get some, and learn how to, and to not be afriad to, use them.
    You’re not being a vigilante, you’re being responsible.

    Remember this, they have guns, and there are more of them, than there are uniformed officers to protect you.

  • Glenn Beck’s series on The Perfect Strom and The Perfect Day are must sees by all Americans. Why is this one man the only person out there talking about this? Where is the media? Where is the spine of Homeland Security?

    Knowledge is power…Homeland Security should be leading the way for the people on this. Homeland Security should be running ads telling all Americans to speak up if they see any of these activities Beck spoke about.

  • Your right Ted, after 911, ten nations gathered in Washington on how to protect our schools, and here we are today…we’ve come quite a ways. Many schools and school workers are now armed and ready with traps. The FBI and Homeland Security are ready. Terrorists say they want us to attack ME but they don’t really want Islam’s power and world goals in ME to be destroyed, but that is exactly what would happen to them, and the name Al Qaeda would be hated by Islam forever. Our government knows exactly how to stop terrorism if put to the test, a multi-pronged action.

  • As a mother of two, this type of attack is hideous to even contemplate. It seems to come straight from the pits of Hell.

    After reading Glenn Beck’s transcripts on CNN.com and watching his show last night, I am planning to buy the “Terror at Beslan” book by John Giduck and then pass it along to my son’s school after I have read it. I plan to alert other parents to this danger, so they can also contact their children’s schools and encourage them to prepare, based on expert advice. Americans need to wake up before we have something much worse on our hands than 9/11, which was bad enough!

    For those looking for an effective advice resource to pass along to their local law enforcement and school districts, Kenneth Trump’s organization (School Security [dot] org )is a good place to start. He was on Glenn Beck’s show last night. Here is a direct link to his informational article about this: http://www.schoolsecurity.org/terrorist_response.html

    “For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it.” ~ Patrick Henry

  • As I said, the armed citizenry and vigillance are the best offensive weapons against Islamic madness. The defense of our schools must be unifed effort by parents, citizens and law enforcement. The first thing that must be done is to build awareness in parents and teachers that the threat, no matter how small, can exist. The second is community vigilance, vollunteers watching or patroling the school perimeters, exercising a robust perimeter defense watch, constant police drive by’s and visits.

    This is the first deterant to terrorists, if they see an active presence, if they get the feeling that the school can be quickly defended by the armed citizenry, they will try to go elsewhere. We must deny the bastards an opening, a minute of ease, a chink in the armor.

    And yes…be practiced with weapons, get professional training and keep them in good maintenance and above all pray you will never have to use them.

    Good vigillance and community effort will drive the jihadis nuts.

  • Torn, I agreed to some degree about the govt. should handle the situation. That depends on who is running the govt. One side now seems to want to appease and the other is standing up NOW and doing what needs to be done. People can say what they want about Iraq. I rather kill as many of the radicals there, where it is a bit easier than in the mountains of Afghanistan, than having to have blood in our streets. I suggest that we in this country, support the troops and this President, and hopefully we americans, who may have to fight in our own streets, may not have to.

  • Unless you live in NYC, you also have the right to carry your gun with you, legally, with a concealed carry permit.
    Its not that hard to get, so after you get a gun, and some training, (if you need professional training), get a carry permit, because if anything happens while you are out of your home, your gun locked up in your safe, is worthless.
    The fact that homeland security and the major news media aren’t sounding the alarm is proof positive, for me, that the onus to protect ourselves is ours alone.

    We KNOW they are planning this, we KNOW schools and school buses are a target of theirs, yet just like prior to 9-11, we do little to prevent it, for wehatever reason.
    I suppose a “disrupted economy”, is more important than a few hundred or a few thousand chilkdren’s lives.

    Not to me.
    Hey, here’s an idea.
    Support the economy, but AR-15’s by the dozen.

  • All we could is trust in the LORD and pray for our children.

  • As a mom of three little kids just entering our public school system, my biggest fears before this was kiddnapping and my precious children being lurred away by a sick pedophille.

    The day of Sept 11th, my first thought was each of our friends and family and where they all were. If we had tickets in hand the days or even weeks after the attacks, we would’ve canceled all plans.

    Heaven forrbid, but if these dots connect as stated, my wee three would be homeward bound until further notice. I can honestly say that a slew of grandparents and parents would join suit and homeschool.

    Glenn is right on the money here, all our men and those not busy shelterning our children would be picking up arms and ready to kill if this happens.

    Al Qaeda does not play by any “rules of engagement” nor any “moral” rules either. This is real and why in the hell we are still talking about Britney and elections drama instead of this is beyond me.

    I lose respect for the “news” more and more with each passing day that this is not brought to light.

    Bravo to Glenn Beck and Headline News for being the ONLY station out there that actually is broadcasting the REAL story.

  • Bravo to Glenn Beck and Headline News for being the ONLY station out there that actually is broadcastinHeaven forrbid, but if these dots connect as stated, my wee three would be homeward bound until further notice. I can honestly say that a slew of grandparents and parents would join suit and homeschoolg the REAL story

  • As a Texas high school student, I can honestly say that this makes me feel cautious as I walk through the doors in the morning, and even while waiting on my pickup.
    There is an armed police officer at our school, he has an office right outside the main office, near the only unlocked door during school hours. Unfortunately, the glass panes that are the walls of his office are not bulletproof, thus useless in the event of an emergency.
    I firmly believe that vigilance by the people, men, women, and even children is necessary for our nation’s continued survival. These Islamic fascists, being the cowards they are, will strike out at anyone, even noncombatants, even women, and yes, even your children in the name of their conquesting and uncompromising religion. If and when something like this does happen, the majority will sit there, too scared to think, and those of us who do act will probably be the first to go. If it’s my time to go, at least I’ll know I’ve tried to help.
    Do not be unprepared when the time comes. Know how to defend yourself or how to escape a situation like this. There will be leaders, there will be followers, and there will be those too scared to act.
    My email is the1guyfromthat1place@hotmail.com if you’d like to discuss this further. Any suggestions on what I can do to prepare myself and those around me are welcomed, too.

  • I never knew about any of this until I talked to a co-worker at my jobsite. That evening when I came home, I went straight to the computer and plugged in the keywords “The Perfect Day” and found this site. I was horrified. After reading and searching for more documents I began to think of what could happen. Possibilities of when an attack can happen and how. Once I started reading the comments, a small fire started to ignite. How dare our Government say “This isn’t related to Terrorism.” If I didn’t know better, I would say that SOMEONE is being paid off to keep things under wraps. I’ve heard stories about how people write letters to their senators, hoping that something would be done. Only to find out that nothing will be done. F**k the letters. We, the people of the United States of America, must stand together hand in hand and make our voice be heard. Drop all the racism, drop all the religious differences between us. Because Thomas Jefferson wrote it himself in the “Declaration of Independence” that ALL man is created equal. (And when I say ALL MAN I mean the ALL of the Human race. Both male and female.) If I’m correct our Government was build on the thought of “For the people, by the people.” So, why is it that the things we want done, isn’t being done?

    Instead of writing letters to our senators, why don’t we gather together as communities to spread the word? Think about it, if every housing community assembles together to talk about this, wouldn’t you think that the whole city would get involved? And if that city influences the cities next to them, wouldn’t you think that the whole counties get involved? Do you see where I’m going with this? If you answer “Going against our Government.” you’re absolutely wrong. Cities form counties, counties form the state, the 50 states form this nation. If everyone works together to bring this matter up to the nations eyes to see, don’t you think we, the people, would have something done about it? YES! Because a whole nation, don’t you think that our Government would ignore us if we “ALL” speak out about this matter? I don’t think so, because come next election, they lose their seat because the people will “want” someone who will actually listen to them and do something about matters such as this. Thats what I think anyway.

    If you care about your children like all of you really say you do, then you will remember my words and see what I mean from them. I may only be in my early, EARLY twenties and not have a child, but I for one believe that our children should not be targets of an attack and shouldn’t be dragged into this war more than they already are. Please, sooth my conscience and do more than write letters. Spread the word of this, make this situation BE known. But don’t let a riot happen, because it is the last thing we want. Why you might ask? Well think about it, if a riot breaks out, it could leave our country very vulnerable to an attack. Keywords being “could.” Think before you speak, and once our target is in the crosshairs, pull the trigger.

  • The truth is we will not be seriously attacked until after we pull out of Iraq. Terrorist do not want to renew support for the war. Beslan occurred years after Russia was out of Afganastan. The attack was in retribution for the invasion and a dress rehersal for America. You can believe it is comming. As for the comment above about not attacking our children because the response would be to great. These are suicidal terrorist and they could give a rats ass about our response, they just need a body count to validate their cause. Check the sepoy mutiny in the 1800 India / Britian it has happened before

  • during the fallof 2007, a middle eastern man was on a bike sitting in the parking Lot of our local farm market just staring for a long time across the street at the middlle school . He bought nothing at the market but just watched the school on several occasions. My sister didnt make sense of it till she heard of the perfect day,,, another friend saw a middlle eastern man sitting in her parking lot for several hours just staring she wanted to ask him if he needed anything but was frightened he was staring at the park middle school right next door . I asked them both to report this to the police if they saw them again. Its wonderful if we have concerned citizens on the alert keep up the good work Glenn

  • Beslan was an attack by the islamic jihadists,orchestrated by Shamil Basayev,who was a Chechen fighter against the Russian military, a leader of the Chechen mujihadin, and a ranking Chechen government official at that time. Beslan had nothing to do directly with Afghanistan,but had everything to do with the war between Russia, and Chechnya. Do not be deluded to think that the islamic jihadists will wait until we are out of Iraq to attempt an attack on a US school, on US soil.We, as the American public, are the kuffar,the infidels,thus we are the enemy of Islam,and the jihadists. Be vigilant, be aware,be prayed up,and be ready. God forbid it ever happens here,but we need to be ready,always.

  • In this highly politically charged environment it is nice to see that the clear and present danger that Radical Islam poses to us today has not been simply reduced to a election “buzz word”.

    Let there be no doubt in peoples mind, sitting down and having a coffee with a guy who is sworn to eradicate you and everything you represent unless of course you convert to Islam and be “one of them” (as is directly implied as the only way to avoid attack, their words not mine), simply doesn’t work for me!

    I am not a US citizen, nor politically affiliated to either party, but I would say this; We are at war, with an enemy who is determined but with multi-axis attacks (Military, Political, Ideological) can be and will be defeated. I just hope our respective political leaderships around the world don’t sell us down the river with complacency, incompetence and spinelessness,if they do the consequences will be far reaching.

    In our own way we must contribute to this effort, be vigilant.

  • Am I wrong in thinking that there needs to be citiizen based groups of aremd anti terrorist cells around this nation as well. Ones not ruled by goverment. Kind of a Militia type organization. Stuff like this makes me want to join one.


    IF YOU READ THE BIBLE, WHICH I DOUBT, YOU WILL SEE THAT WHEN NEEDED, GOD not only sends us into war, but also goes in with us. there ends the fear. many, many, christians fight wars just as do many atheiests.\ read and you wll see that we are fighters when need arises, as in :terrorists;. it is a holy war, after all.

    do you really think that we would deny our LORD and run from them when HE IS fighting with us. as i said go back and read some of biblical history. oh. and btw. he warned us about these people and this war in revelation and in daniel, long before our goverment knew it was coming. we have always known. therefore, we are ready to fight these devils, not run from them as you seem to suppose. even JESUS beat the daylights out of people when it was a holy war at stake. we have been taught thurghly, by HIM what to do in each given situation. this is not new to us as we have known it was coming for many ,many years.
    just so you know.


    I agree with you and whammy. You might want to more carefully read what he said. I think when he said “do gooders” he wasn’t talking about the actually beleivers like you and him. He was being sarcastic. Don’t be so defensive. Everything you said was right except you have an argumentative spirit or you don’t understand sarcasm.

  • I agree 110% with Dave.

    As for those of you like Tom and Steve who believe that the government alone can save us, or that we’re not eventually going to have the fight brought home to our streets, I say WAKE UP!

    The government can’t even balance a budget, yet alone eliminate terrorism altogether.

    I work in law enforcement and have attended many training courses on terrorism (put on by the government). In each and every course I’ve attended, the instructors (FBI, CIA, DHS, etc…) say that they’re not training us “in case” there is another attack on American soil, but for “WHEN” the next attack comes.

    It’s going to happen!

    The question is, will you be ready to defend, or will you be one of those who need defending?

  • For Tom and others who think like him….in a perfect world it would be really nice if each and every individual had their very own police officer and soldier to watch over them every day 24 hours a day…maybe even tuck you in at night and read a sweet bedtime story to you (well, thats what i do for my children but Im not holding my breath for the government to do it for me).
    I am an Army veteran and a retired police officer, so I have seen alot of good and evil in this world. I can promise you that these extremests have NOTHING in their souls but hatred and murder. Go ahead…try to apease them…try to be their friend…guess what-
    THEY WANT YOU DEAD!!! What part of their twisted sick idealogy dont you get….you cant bargain or reason with these animals!!!
    As for me and my family, we love the police and the military (GOD bless them all) but I know they cant be everywhere all the time. We are prepared to defend ourselves and others and we refuse to give in to the disgusting rot that these terrorists spew.
    GOD bless America!!!!!!

  • Just visited this website for the first time. I was looking for more information on “The Perfect Day.” Not only am I impressed by the site, I am also imressed by the people here. A good, solid, intelligent group, judging by your comments. Kudos to both.

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