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Jihadists Threaten Revenge for US Libya Snatch Operation

Libyan jihadist groups online have called for revenge attacks against U.S. and Western interests in the north African nation, as well as the local government, two days after an elite U.S. counter-terrorism unit abducted alleged high-profile al Qaeda member Anas al-Libi from Tripoli.

In one posting on Facebook, jihadists called on Libya’s “courageous youth” to launch attacks that include kidnapping of Americans, damaging gas pipelines to Europe or targeting ships and airplanes. Another online posting by a separate group “denounced” the American operation and appeared to suspect the Libyan government’s collusion in the mission, threatening “everyone who has betrayed his country and made himself involved in this conspiracy.”

“Thereby, we say that such disgraceful incident will be very costly to the Libyan government,” read the statement, which circulated in jihadi forums.

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