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Napolitano Warns of Threat From al-Qaeda Sympathizers in U.S.

In one of her strongest statements to date on the threat of terrorism in the US, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday night that al-Qaeda followers are indeed inside the U.S. and would like to attack targets here and in other countries. Something we’ve been saying for quite some time.

The secretary’s comments were striking not only for their content they represented her bluntest assessment of terror threats within the country but also their political context.

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  • Wow thats breaking news did she figure that out all by herself. What do you think FT Hood was last month????

  • For once Napolitano is being a little more honest. These terror cells have been here for years but now they are starting to reap the benefits of their patience. I would like people to realize that they should avoid the large Malls over the holidays, especially at night when they are the most crowded. I’ve already asked my loved ones to not go to the big malls where they could be more of a target for the terrorists. They want numbers…plain and simple. They are also “opportunists” who will strike any time…any where. God Bless our great country, but be alert to what you see. The time for complacency is over.

  • The same attitude, from the same people.
    Napolitano took the same position AFTER the swine flu had gotten into the US from Mexico. And now, she is doing it concerning terrorists. Oh well the desease is already here, or oh well,, the terrorists are already here, oh well.
    She was the governor of Arizona and refused to secure the border then and now she is still doing it, as the head of Homeland Security.
    America enjoy YOUR new president.

  • Unlike prior U.S. military conflicts, the war against Al-Qaeda terrorists will call upon Americans at home to help defend, stop and apprehend other Americans, terrorist sympathizers that appear intended on assisting Al-Qaeda in acts of terrorism against our homeland. It is foreseeable some Americans will allege Protected Speech, prevents U.S. Government arresting Americans because they advocated an ideology, despite that ideology inspiring others to kill Americans. In the U.S. when someone advocates an ideology (understood) by his or her followers to cause harm to Americans, should that “advocator” be protected by Free Speech or should that “Advocator” be charged with facilitating a terrorist enterprise; the enterprise being the ideology. It does not appear possible to stop Al-Qaeda and other terrorists in America, if Government is restricted from arresting American extremists that advocate ideologies, understood by followers, to advocate killing Americans.

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