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Pentagon: NKorea Missiles Could Threaten US

North Korea’s missiles could hit the United States in as few as three years if the reclusive rogue nation continues to ramp up its weapons system, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.


“We think it ultimately could — if taken to its conclusion — it could present a threat to the homeland,” Lynn told McCain during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

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  • Why isn’t Pres.Obama taking action in this situation. It mind boggles me that he is allowing N.Korea to sail it’s ships in the pacific and do nothing about it. N. Korea’s leader is seeing a real weekness in our President and our Goverment and I couldn’t agree with him more. It is wonderful that we have a President who is concerned out our health care. I guess when were blown up to shreds we will defenitely need government health care if we still have a government in tack. God Bless America we need him now more than ever.

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