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U.S. Reviews Air Defenses to Thwart Terror From Skies

I’m not sure how one can ever place a price tag on preventing another 9/11…or worse.

The commander of military forces protecting North America has ordered a review of the costly air defenses intended to prevent another Sept. 11-style terrorism attack, an assessment aimed at determining whether the commitment of jet fighters, other aircraft and crews remains justified.

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  • Isn’t it typical. We prepare, we wait, we grow tired of waiting then we stand down and they we get hit again, harder. I know our military people are there for this nation and I am proud of them. And I know that it is imperative that we be able to protect ourselves also, and not have to depend on the goverment. Personal defense should be mandate for all honest and ethical individuals. We need to protect our second ammendment, and our homes and then support the goverements efforts. When we all work together, then we will prevail.

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