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Appomattox – Lone Gunman Kills 8, Believed Surrounded

A lone gunman said to have killed eight people in the US has been surrounded by more than 100 police in woods where they believe he is hiding.

The gunman also fired at a sheriff’s deputy and a state police helicopter, which had to land with a ruptured fuel tank after one or more rounds struck it, Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corrine Geller said. No police were injured.

“We believe we have the male suspect confined in a wooded area,” Ms Geller said.

A law enforcement official who did not want to be named said eight people had been killed in the rampage.

The violence began shortly after noon on Tuesday in Appomattox, when an injured man was found on a rural stretch of road. A deputy who went to investigate fled after he heard gunshots, Ms Geller said.

“When the deputy arrived on the scene, that's when he heard several shots,” state police sergeant Thomas Molnar said.

He said there were “several fatalities and one injury”. Police were st


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