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Dept. of Homeland Security Decides to Retire Color Code Threat Warning System

Tomorrow Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano will announce that the much maligned color-code threat level, formally called the Homeland Security Advisory System, will be replaced with a more specific public alert system according to officials briefed on the issue.

NationalTerrorAlert.com will launch a new “live alert” next month to replace the current one seen here: Live National Terror Threat Advisory Alert If your website features the live alert, no changes need to be made. The alert will update automatically. A new “threat advisory” ticker will also be available in February.

In July, 2009 DHS Secretary Napolitano ordered a 60-day review of the system used to inform the public of the terror threat environment to see if it needed to be altered. The task force appointed by Napolitano was split on whether to keep the current advisory system in place. A report prepared by the Task Force noted, “Task Force membership believes the color code system has suffered from a lack of credibility and clarity leading to an erosion of public confidence such that it should be abandoned.”

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