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Rocket Launcher Found In Apartment – Houston

Click2Houston reports a that a rocket launcher was discovered in a Houston apartment by police responding to a disturbance call. A woman called police on Monday and said a man was forcing his way into her apartment. When officers went inside, they found something that made them concerned enough to call the bomb squad.

The police found an AT-4 shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, which is capable of shooting a missile almost 1,000 feet through tanks and buildings. Oscar Saldivar of Top Brass Military and Tactical said that it grants infantrymen the benefit with a light-weight weapon that can easily stop armored vehicles along with primary battle tanks and fortifications.

The woman told the police that the rocket launcher was owned by Nabilaye I. Yansane, a man whom she had permitted to keep items at her home. Yansane has been arrested for criminal trespassing, and was jailed for three days.

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  • this is the second such weapon found mysteriously in texas..the last one in a field and it took the military a week to bother and pick the thing up…what is going on? these things have numbers on them that say where they came from. It seems that little care goes in accounting for these weapons. I wonder what else has been “lost”? F-16? Tanks? Nukes? serious doubt about the competence of the government when it comes to securing our own weapons.

    some OFFICER needs to be held accountable.


  • I agree with Ken 100% Why is no one being held accountable for such discoveries??? If I were pulled over driving in Chicago and if an officer were to discover my registered handgun in the trunk of my car for which I have a permit for in Indiana where I reside—I as a responsible law abiding citizen who owns a handgun for self defense would be arrested and charged with a felony crime for illegally having a handgun in Chicago city limits. My life as I know it would change overnight. However, a nut case Jihadist and friend never see a day in court for possessing a rocket launcher??? And Ken, you are absolutely correct—this weapon in question could be easily traced. Why is it the news media not push this story further? Why are the ones responsible for selling this weapon to religious zealots not hunted down and put away for treason? Why should I have faith in my government? What happened to our once great Nation?

  • The AT-4 weapon is an use once and throw away rocket launcher. So it was probably an empty fiberglass tube which can be bought at a military surplus store. However it does make for eye catching headlines

  • Ken this stuff is easy to get ahold of because since it was designed as a single use weapon, the tube is no longer considered a weapon once the projectile is fired. And it could be traced to a certain degree, the fact is the it was probably obtained quite legitimately, regardless of whether or not this person’s intentions were legitimate. Also, a fiberglass tube is a far cry from F-16s, tanks, and nukes.

  • This news only deepens my concern that what pilots on intercontinental flights 2822 and 1544 had witnessed were indeed missiles and not hobby rockets. Use once and throw away? I wonder if it had been used once as a test to see if our radars would detect such an event. There is no mention of a possible corrilation nor any alerts to the fact that Exxon Mobil as well as many other refineries dominate this area. There has been no evidence of debris at the supposed site where the missile was thought to have been launched… perhaps the “who” took the “how”. However, I do need to read up on the AT-4 to see the range and if it could be ground to air. Flight 2822 was at about 11,000ft and 1544 at 5,000ft.

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