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SWAT Options For Multiple Shooter Terrorist Attacks

Excellent Article by Lt.Andrew Esposito details how police officers need to prepare to tactically resolve a mass hostage terror siege. Important read for those in the law enforcement community.

The threat of an international terrorist attack against our country is not to be taken lightly by emergency responders. In fact, I see it being taken very seriously in the New York Metropolitan area; agencies are meeting, communicating and taking proactive steps to counter potential terrorist efforts.

As professional police officers we are all aware of the threat. The training is out there to provide information and resources on how to deal with terrorism, whether it is domestic or foreign. In this article I would like to address one area that I feel we in law enforcement need to take action on immediately. The immediate employment of police officers to a terrorist attack as first responders is inevitable; I believe that the one thing that is not being addressed is what is going to happen to those first responding officers.

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NYTOA – The New York Tactical Officers Association

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  • Excellent article, but as we all know to well it that the Department(s) that play the budget constraint card and say there is no funds for equipment or training. We need to closely evaluate our communities and push for funding to be released for training (real life tactics) with elite units such as the training Compliance by Design provides for SF units. As well out incident commanders need to attend military officer training so the boots on the ground arms are not tied behind their backs befor the operation even gets started.

    Mutual aid with other jurisdictions will play a big role as additional forces will be needed for even the largest teams.

    Again we need our Commanders and Elected people to understand that this is a real possibility.

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