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US Rep – No Plot to Poison Food at Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson

Newsmax reports an Army probe into allegations of verbal threats involving a base’s food supply has revealed that none of the five soldiers detained was involved in any plot to poison food at the base, according to congressman Joe Wilson.

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., said Sunday information he received as a member of the House Armed Services Committee showed there was no plot. The five Muslim soldiers who were connected to a translator training program had been detained in December while the Army investigated.

“The investigation revealed that there was not an effort to poison food,” Wilson said. The probe also showed the men had not been disloyal.

Four of the soldiers were discharged from the Army for petty crimes, Wilson said, and the fifth was returned to his National Guard unit in Virginia.

None of the soldiers has been identified.

via Newsmax – Read Full Article.

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